Celebrating the 3rd anniversary of 'EXP Entertainment', unfolding a strategic plan for 2023, flagging as a leader Entertainment Provider aims to reach 100 million

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Celebrating the 3rd anniversary of 'EXP Entertainment', unfolding a strategic plan for 2023, flagging as a leader Entertainment Provider aims to reach 100 million

  • · The creator of the phenomenon of making famous songs 'I can't keep the style', which generated over 170 million views overnight, prompting 'Van Gogh' to emerge as a hot red label artist immediately.
  • Build a community of EXP Entertainment, gaining 400,000 Subscribers in 3 years.
  • Set new EXP goals, not just a record label, but we are at the forefront of Entertainment Provider ready to hit 100 million in 66

In the past, the Thai music and music industry has been bustling continuously until the whole industry has stumbled. The severe virus epidemic in the past 3 years has made the music industry The music and entertainment business is sluggish. But it's not just one industry that affects all sectors, but in this year 66 the trend is back to more active than ever from the congestion that people want to go out. Let's go to activities It can be seen from the fact that foreign artists have started to organize concerts in Thailand. Thai artists have also released a few concerts.

in the field of various music labels They all supported the camps and artists to go through this situation as best as possible. One of the camps that should be watched and not mentioned is 'EXP Entertainment', a camp that emerged in the era of COVID-19. Better known as Van Gogh's camp, the song's inconsistent music has garnered more than 170 million views and was hit with a huge hit by Covid. But with our vision and business leadership as big as

TOP - Wongsapat Ratiphatcharapornkul, CEO, took the camp until it survived!!

TOP - Wongsapat Ratiphatcharapornkul, CEO revealed that 'In the past, EXP Entertainment Having stepped into the music business during the Covid-19 situation, the work has been greatly affected by the economic crisis. but managed to get through the bad times with the hit song “I can't hold my heart” has a total of more than 400,000 Subs, with a YouTube silver shield, quickly acquired over the past 3 years, it seems that it has not been timed or interrupted in Time Analysis, which is a world situation that cannot be controlled, but what EXP has value, that is, the accumulation of Database or Followers, known as Influencer and YouTuber levels that can be used to create, mold and continue to be revenue in 2023 according to Digital Content Trend.

'Which in 2023 EXP Entertainment Ready to break the business line in the form of Refresh, Re Scale, Re Model, but still under the original Core Value, Experience X (Collab) Passion, with a new standpoint according to digital trends, which is 'Entertainment Provider', ready to offer entertainment to fans All types of target groups, whether it's music, content, national events. which aims to make a big press conference in February 66'

'Expanding a proactive department to move towards the goal, i.e. (1) adjusting the product to suit the digitalization (2) adding more product lines to support the business opportunity (3) arranging a timeline to launch each product in accordance with the festive & Trend (4) Utilize All Media Platform to promote each other and create the highest Awareness & Engagement (5) in accordance with the behavior of all entertainment content addicts Called Serve Honest (6) Hand in hand to create Entertainment Content together with strong alliances to be a new Happening for Thai people'

Flag to create artists 200 million views, increase YouTube channel subscribers to 1 million Subscribers to win the YouTube gold shield 'Entertainment Provider' under a business target of 100 million baht 'Top - Wongsapat Ratiphatcharapornkul, CEO, concluded

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