"D Hup House" joins hands with "Just Up" to continue the strength of sacrifice, launching the first series, "Gradually love STEP BY STEP"

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"D Hup House" joins hands with "Just Up" to continue the strength of sacrifice, launching the first series, "Gradually love STEP BY STEP"

It is considered a collaboration of two major partners. After Dee Hup House Company (D Hup House Co., Ltd.) by the young "Boss" Anusorn Limprasert together with the young actor "Up" Phumiphat Iamsamang and the young man "Justin Sotangkoon" from JUSTUP (JUSTUP) Stupup) Co., Ltd. join forces as the organizers of the series "Gradually Love STEP BY STEP", which is a series that is adapted from the novel "Gaim Rak" written by Summer December, resulting in the release date. The Pilot series came out and the feedback was overwhelming and immediately grabbed the #1 trend on Twitter. Called the strong current that fans have been waiting for from the day the series was announced.

Most recently, to meet the strength of the series, the organizers hold an auspicious ceremony for the official launch of this series for good fortune, with 3 young lead actors in the story such as "Man" Ritsanu Soranan as "Jew", "Ben" Banyaphon Likitamnuayporn as "Phat" and "Up" Phumiphat Iamsamang as "Put" along with Organized such as "Boss" Anusorn Limprasert, "Justin Sotangkoon" and Bundit Sinthanapharadee (director), along with actors who came to create colors such as Atui Puttachad Pongsuchart, Bruce - Sirikorn Kananurak, Soso Natharuthai Akkarakitwattanakul and Poppy Ratchapong Anomkitti, as well as the executives and staff who came together to join the grand opening ceremony at Ganesha Shrine, Lan. Central World Shopping Center

For the series "Gradually love STEP BY STEP"

It is a tumultuous love story that slowly blossoms in the digital marketing department of the office in Ploenchit when Pat, a young first-jobber, is on fire. Must orbit to meet Mr. Cool, the boss who is more than ten years old who is cool and neat with everything in life. where Pat will be drawn to work on a project with Khun Yaeng. which resulted in a relationship that gradually became closer Become the leader of the subordinates who are stuck together. Until it leads to Cool realizing that he has fallen in love with Putt. But that confused Pat. Indeed, the chances he gets are from his abilities, or because you're cool with him.”

Pat's confusion will be resolved whether it's because of talent or love. Follow the series "Slowly Love STEP BY STEP" early next year for sure!!!

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Ready to watch the PILOT series at https://youtu.be/cJrZ21xi-68