Slot Machine surprise release new single "Ten thousand words" Sweet love song, Ant Koh Mic

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Slot Machine surprise release new single "Ten thousand words" Sweet love song, Ant Koh Mic

Reputed to be a rock band that makes music that is fun - super fun. But there is a profound content hidden in philosophy. and encourage the listeners until it becomes a memory of Slot Machine is gone And the band itself rarely produces much love songs. In addition, the singles of love songs that were previously released, such as “Last Words” and “Waiting”, were heavily content in the way that did not disappoint. But this time will be different because of Slot. Machine is about to have a new single that is the sweetest romantic love song “Ten Thousand Words”, a song that the lead singer loves. He even said, “This is Slot Machine's first love song.”

“Say ten billion words over and over to tell you. Remember every word as before

This heart has only you One of my most important people is you.”

And the composer of this lyrics was none other than Fed, the lead singer of the band. The composition of this song came out so sweet. Until the ants on Mike's island Until I'm not sure if it's inspired by real life these days or not. In this song, Max (Thitiwat Rongthong) helped to compose some lyrics. and is also responsible for producing this song Like the later works of Slot Machines such as “heart to heart”, “heart to heart” and “just trust”

As for the music video for this song, it was once again that Slot Machine worked with Jug-Jirat. Sompakdee and the Jettana team Pictures that used to leave their work in the MVs "Jai No Jai" and "Jai Than Jai", it is not surprising that the MV "Ten Thousand Words" is inserted in small details. and the story that extends from 2 previous MVs for true fans I watched this MV in detail as well.

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