Aom Phiyada sends The Shock program on Flex 104.5 to receive the month of Halloween!!

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Aom Phiyada sends The Shock program on Flex 104.5 to receive the month of Halloween!!

In September 65, Jeep-Thep-Arj Kawinanan's Flex 104.5, under the direct management of Phiyada Akkaraseranee, was successful with a music fest that was crowded in all areas.

To welcome the month of the ghost festival like Halloween, Aom Phiyada joins hands with Pong-Kaphon Thongplub, the godfather of the ghost program, to send the program The Shock to be able to listen at Flex 104.5

for the list Shock was born by Pong-Kaphon Thongplub and has been a couple who has been listening to Thai ghost stories for over 20 years. Which began at the radio dial and passed on continuously according to the behavior of listeners that changed in each period until it came to live telling ghost stories via social media platforms, until recently, there was a trend that listeners wanted to feed. After listening to many ghost programs through radio waves, Aom Phiyada, the director of the golden hand wave, hurriedly grabbed Pong Kaphon and the program. Shock to work together in the form of Content Partner

Indirectly Phiyada said that 'for Flex 104.5 We have a clear position to present to the target audience. Wave fans are not just a music wave, but we are Music & Variety. Om and the team try to plan activities or arrange new programs to please the fans. Always have a continuous movement of fresh content. And in the month of haunting, Aom intends to shake hands with Pong Pong to serve goosebumps content to choose the program The Shock to invite you to listen to ghost stories, ghost stories, haunting stories via Flex 104.5.

As for Pong Kaphon, he added that 'The Ghost Program My shock was born and made famous by radio screens. And I believe that radio listeners are very suitable for making ghost shows. Because listening to it creates the most haunting experience because one thing is haunted by listening and then imagining. I'm so glad that Om invited me to come back and let the horrors fly through the waves together at Flex. 104.5 as another channel to increase the opportunity for more listeners'

Fan Flex 104.5 and The Fan The Shock can listen to hauntings at the same time, whether listening alone, listening with your girlfriend, listening to and inviting friends to haunt you in any form from Monday to Friday, good time, midnight to 3am. Repeat on the radio at Flex 104.5.

Photo credit from IG: @aomphiyada