SLAPKISS opens a new project “Midnight Express” Tell stories of different relationships but related through 3 songs.

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SLAPKISS opens a new project “Midnight Express” Tell stories of different relationships but related through 3 songs.

After creating songs continuously for 3 young SLAPKISS artists from the label LOVEiS ENTERTAINMENT that includes Do-singer and songwriter, Pin-guitarist/producer and Arm-Keyboard and Saxophone. The owner of the hit songs such as my favorite ex-girlfriend, how can I forget, sorry for getting into a bad thing in her life and many other songs, and most recently, SLAPKISS opened a special project to convey the story of a relationship that represents feelings. Came out through 3 different but related songs in the Midnight Express project, composed of songs almost the same, happy good and if he doesn't love come stay with me?

The origin of Midnight Express comes from the concept of the image in this project, which takes reference from Wong Kar Wai's film Chungking Express. same which is consistent with the concept of this project. therefore converted from the word Chungking Express to “Midnight Express”

Midnight Express is a restaurant that opens during the night. The concept of this concept started with the first song of the project. Doe - Lead Vocalist Starting to compose music from a place with stories and inspiration, like a 24-hour mini-mart, this idea was then expanded to create this special project. It involves a relationship of four people taking place in the same place. which the first view is conveyed through the song "Almost the same" that represents the new fan No matter how hard you try, you can't replace the old one in your heart. It's just someone who's almost like (the person you used to love) but not anyway. The second perspective is told through an ex-girlfriend who is still stuck in the past. Still calling to hope that someday he will come back and think about our story. Even though today he's smiling at a new person, from the look of his eyes, he looks "very happy." On the other hand, there is another person who knows every story and is always worried about the person in front of him. Still a consultant and waiting for the time to ask just one question. "If he doesn't love, would you come and live with me?"

To perfectly absorb the overall picture of this project, it was necessary to look at the cover art of each song along with listening to it. And if you put the cover art of all three songs together, you will find that they are the same image, just told through different perspectives and stories of each person taking place in the same place.

Can follow the work of the project "Midnight Express" with a total of 3 songs together, almost the same, happy and if he doesn't love come stay with me? get every streaming And follow movement updates via Facebook: LOVEiS, slapkiss Twitter/Instagram: @loveis_ent, slapkiss.official and Youtube/LOVEiS, TikTok: SLAPKISS