Harem Belle rose again in 2 years, sending the song "Lone Wolf" (LONE WOLF) to awaken the cruelty.

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Harem Belle rose again in 2 years, sending the song "Lone Wolf" (LONE WOLF) to awaken the cruelty.

After being away from the heat for more than 2 full years, it's time for "Harem Belle" from the heavy label VOM Records to come back to the top again. This event is App (lead vocals), Tee (guitar), Sense (guitar) and Om (drums) has chosen to send a new song called “Lone Wolf” ( LONE WOLF ) A typical rock song that has evolved and grown with the band and time. A song that has a different mood and character from the "radio" song from two years ago. including other works of the band clearly came out for the music fans to enjoy each other with profound content, entering the philosophy of human life, wandering the horde to struggle alone in society Not unlike a lone wolf in the forest. Tell the story through the voice of the app. and strong music typical of Harem Belle, with producers still Oak Big Ass as always.

Harem Belle revealed, "It's been two years because of the coronavirus situation. And more difficult work, less meetings, plus making a demo that has been modified for many versions to become what we hear now. I want you to know that there are many Lone Wolf who understand you. Don't despair, don't give up, you won't be alone. Choose a wolf as your main story line because wolves usually hunt in packs. But the only wolf that can survive is a wolf that has to be really strong, and it's very close to our human life. that even if there is no one to support or be by your side on the day that life is hurricane I want to be able to fight like a lone wolf. Working with Oak This time it's much more intense than before. Because they started together from the very beginning and then solved the melody, the song part many times. Until I get the current version, I would like to leave a song "Lone Wolf", I hope it will make me miss each other. You can follow us on Facebook IG Youtube

"Lone Wolf" ( LONE WOLF )