"NAMEMT (Name MT)" casts a spell to send "talismans" relying on sacred things that do not fall out of Halloween theme!!!

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"NAMEMT (Name MT)" casts a spell to send "talismans" relying on sacred things that do not fall out of Halloween theme!!!

After releasing the songs "Who knows" and "I don't know" that are spaced only 1 week apart, the latest rapper "NAMEMT (Name MT)" from YUPP! Don't wait, forward a new song called "Talisman" that will come to cast a spell with tearing corners. Presenting stories through beliefs and sacred things They also sent out a music video for Halloween night! In this event, a dark rapper from Muang Thong would like to give his best. with the body being smeared into a gloomy black Among the streams of water that fell on his body until his pale mouth trembled The content of the song "Talisman" speaks of the belief that has been with Thai people for a long time. All sacred things Whether it is a talisman tattoo, hanging amulets, hanging Takruts, various spells Some people may see these things as ignorant, but for many people they are mentally dependent. and perhaps believe It was these sacred objects that kept them away from the dangers they posed. And it's also the first time that "NAMEMT (Name MT)" has worked with a passionate producer team like MASHDAWG from the cover gang. famous in the social world with hip-hop beats that are still intense Plus adding colors of mystery and fun.


"NAMEMT (Name MT)" revealed about this new song. “Let's come back to serve new songs quickly. Magical music is a novelty for me. Both the colorful beats are quite flashy under the dark hip-hop. As for the story in the song, it still reflects my life as usual. But it's another aspect of my life that I've become entangled in with the sacred. I met people around me who believed in this story. In the song, there is also a chants that I put in the beats. It's fun for new ideas in this song, and the MV here is it. It's painted in black. cold from the water heat from fire I want you to see. This song is already the 3rd song from my new album. I want you to wait to follow the full album. As for the talisman song, it's a Halloween gift from NAMEMT and YUPP! Well, that's it."

Watch the music video for “Konkrak” from “NAMEMT (Name MT)” on YouTube channel YUPP! and listen to this song from any music streaming

OFFICIAL MV : https://youtu.be/6FsJitZw9hQ