ATARASHII GAKKO! Submit your debut album AG! CALLING through 88rising. Watch the cool music video FLY HIGH now.

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ATARASHII GAKKO! Submit your debut album AG! CALLING through 88rising. Watch the cool music video FLY HIGH now.

A cutting-edge progressive-pop girl group from Japan, ATARASHII. GAKKO! delivers its highly anticipated debut album, AG! Calling via 88rising is an album consisting of 11 stunning tracks, delving into the theme “calling,” which comes from the meaning of the Japanese word “korin [降臨],” which has two meanings, both “calling.” and “inheritance” or “arrival.”

After achieving great success with the breakout single "Tokyo Calling" until it was shown on the hit US evening TV program Jimmy Kimmel Live! Eventually, ATARASHII GAKKO! is ready to send a message to music fans around the world with its debut album AG! Calling that invites listeners to join in on a special journey. To escape from the boring and monotonous world By embracing your true self without feeling guilty.

“AG! CALLING  is an album that reflects their hopes to reach beyond Japan. and connecting people around the world together” ATARASHII GAKKO! added that “We want to awaken vitality and positive energy in everyone. Just shout out to the AG and we'll come to you!”

To present images of ATARASHII. GAKKO! symbolically means they touch many aspects of our lives. The album cover image is therefore compared to girls. It is like a land in various dimensions of existence. They are ready to serve as your steadfast friends and cheerleaders, ready to awaken your inner strength. Their message reflects encouragement, inspiring determination. Including letting listeners try to embrace their own unique potential.

In addition to releasing an album, ATARASHII. GAKKO! also released the music video for the powerful song "Fly High" which is also the theme song for the new cartoon Baki Hanma VS Kengan Ashura airing on Netflix. This lively music video There is a connection with the movie. By presenting images of girls going to the gym and getting their bodies strong. along with showing off their unique dance moves in the ring They pump up their muscles until they are strong. Before transforming into heroes ready to go out and save the world. This is a reflection of their commitment to creating positivity and inspiration for their fans. Take it to the next level

After making a big splash with performances at major music festivals in the world that were much talked about including Coachella, Head in the Clouds and Primavera. Sounds of the band ATARASHII GAKKO! is also going on a world tour. 2024 in Europe and Asia. The concert tickets were completely sold out. Paris, Cologne, Berlin, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, and Taipei. They'll then hit North America in the fall. To continuously awaken the energy and stimulate the inspiration of music fans around the world.