YEW would like to present the newest single!! Ask Dao (Please Be Kind) to help everyone find good love.

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YEW would like to present the newest single!! Ask Dao (Please Be Kind) to help everyone find good love.

YEW a new generation of energetic artists with a unique Alternative Rock style, consisting of 4 members who met on the campus of Mahidol University: Thiew - Pracha Panploy (lead vocals), Dan - Narut Jutha. Sant (guitar), P – Worapat Karaket (guitar) and Sap – Sahatham Mekdaeng (drums)”

with each member having a passion for music And use this to drive YEW's various songs. Most of the content of the songs consists of love, feelings, and various short stories that the band likes have been conveyed. and strung together into a story of what one character is experiencing. And that's what's always shaped the band called YEW.

“Will I meet the same person?
The person who looks up to the stars The same star I'm looking at right now.
He probably has a book with me.
There are songs that sound the same. Who is that person I am waiting for?”

Ask Dao (Please Be Kind) – a story of love that believes that many people want to have good love, people who are the same as us. But must I leave a message with which star? Or where do I have to leave a message? To meet love or the person we are looking for Will the person looking for this have something similar to us? And who will be that person we've all always dreamed of?

In the musical part, it is considered a new flavor of YEW. The music of this song is clearly different from the other songs of the band. But it still has the vibe of the old music that we like. In this song, there was an experiment in making the sound of the music look more like musical music, along with combining modern ideas into this song as well. The band themselves tried to capture the vibe of the music and dance of a pantomime. that is cute and playful but also looks shy Because I want to send a message of happiness, fun and ready to give positive energy to all music fans who are going through difficult stories.

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