"Miss Grand International", the strong trend does not stop! "Nawat" satisfies the popularity of the media outside the ranks of the podium "World's No. 1 beauty pageant"

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"Miss Grand International", the strong trend does not stop! "Nawat" satisfies the popularity of the media outside the ranks of the podium "World's No. 1 beauty pageant"

We Are Grand The One And Only The real thing is not in the eyes with the hotness and the popularity of the stage. This year's Miss Grand International, a beauty pageant of Thai nationality recognized around the world, celebrates Somsak's 10th anniversary in Jakarta, Indonesia. 68 beautiful women around the world wear their own country sash. compete for unity on the stage of the Miss Grand International 2022 contest

which in addition to the beauty and full of power of the modern beauty queen The reputation of the stage owner, Khun Nawat Isarakraisil, Chief Executive Officer of Miss Grand International Public Company Limited, is still as fragrant as the beauty queen. Businessmen at the forefront of meetings to negotiate to buy rights to host the contest. Even if you have to wait because the queue is long until 2025, the price of hosting Miss Grand International starts at 2 million US dollars, or about 75 million baht only!

This visit to Indonesia has greatly increased the popularity of Bosnawat and the beauty queen. Fans flock to the airport Wherever you go, you will be asked to take a photo. Take a commemorative clip the sound of admiration Until Bosnawat is still shocked by the change in the type that he cannot catch up. Followers on Instagram : missgrandinternational Doubled to 6 million today, including Facebook: Miss Grand International has 5.4 million followers and shows no signs of stopping. Interest still spreads to Instagram: Nawat.tv and Facebook: Nawat Isaragrisil – Mr.Nawat Itsaragrisil has increased by leaps and bounds. Until the foreign media has given Miss Grand International to the podium of the world's number 1 beauty queen. 

By Boss Nawat revealed that “I have to say that I don't waste my effort in creating quality for the stage. A beauty pageant that I created by myself. admits to being shocked by the change Satisfied with the popularity and welcome of the Miss Grand International 2022 contest until it is mentioned all over the world. Especially on the day that Vietnam and Thailand press vote on IG to fight to the death. The beauty queen has automatically entered the TOP 20 round. No one is giving up. became a spurt People in the country come to help vote for seconds per second. Believe that this will continue until the final round on the night of October 25, 2022. Now the tickets are already full. Waiting to see the bang at Ivan Kunawan, the host of Indonesia. Together with the production team of the Miss Grand team, including me, who put in all my efforts to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Miss Grand International. this year in indonesia I just went to see the stage at the Sentul International Convention Center. Waiting to celebrate success each other. I want you to watch from the first second Open the stage Absolutely do not miss it.” 

For the Miss Grand International 2022 contest, the important rounds are as follows.

20 October 2022 : National Costume Competition (National Costume)

22 October 2022 : Preliminary Competition

25 October 2022 : Final Show (Judgement Competition)

Fans of beauty queens join in cheering and track activities from all channels

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