"Lala RSiam" says the drama can be stopped Even though I don't have a husband, but I want to have kids, is it wrong?!

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"Lala RSiam" says the drama can be stopped Even though I don't have a husband, but I want to have kids, is it wrong?!

is another person who has been strongly swept by netizens Until there has been a drama all the time. For "Lala R Siam", recently there was a headache. until he spoke, not wanting to talk For fear that his son or brother Richard (adopted son) grows up and sees the news will feel bad. from the trend that netizens find that He lied that he had children. but is actually the son of a sister Some people say that Why do celebrities like to get pregnant for others? and then imagined that it was his own child, etc. This event on the show spicy, fun, entertainment The Channel 8 television station, therefore, did not delay, immediately connected the line directly to the person.

Update on being a mother of our babies?

It's hard, it's not giving birth on its own. But it's very difficult to raise.

Just how can there be drama?

Well, I really don't want to talk about it. Because it's sensitive. because if you come to see the news in the future and he will feel bad that How many mothers does he have? But we don't understand netizens as well, who came out to say that. “Why do celebrities like to get pregnant for others? and think of it as his own child.” We don't raise him like a puppy that doesn't like it, so we take it to the temple. but this person he is our sister's child He's really a family man. which we raised him with love from the heart Be prepared to lose in education and plan the future well.

But why do you like to have so many comments?

I've seen many comments. but did not want to come out If it comes out and hits, then why should he be sad about what he is insulting to us? that a woman who does not have a husband but wants to have children Which we have the potential to be mothers? Until today we can't get pregnant. Or that my body is not strong enough to stomach But I can raise one child to have a good quality of life.

Is it to be adopted as a child?

Yes, this child is an adopted child. Let's use our last name.

Are you wondering? Why would you attack a child?

We are habitual That is, when someone opens, there will be people following. and when there are people who come to protect us There will be people coming to support. But if someone opens it, there will be people who will continue to drama with us. because he will think that if a lot of people insult us It was as if he thought he had succeeded. Let's take a look at this one. Just saying don't give any value to this group of people. because in the end, he didn't come to help us raise our children. Because before he looks at us and our children like this He must be a person of no quality. Or maybe it's a poor family. So I think it's better to let it pass. Because children are sensitive.

Have you talked to any of our family members?

It's not exactly cut. But we talk to him all the time. would be more than that Well, he's afraid that we're sad because in fact, he made the younger brother call me aunt. but he is afraid we regret until I trained my younger sister to call me mother until it becomes a bond because nowadays it seems like we are automatically waking up Like if we didn't go back to the provinces We will always video call with him. and the mother herself does not have any jealousy because we are the ones who raised him since childhood as well and before we adopt the younger I have talked to his father. that we will ask you to use our last name will give all the best And they can still be normal parents of their children. But there will be one more mother. to support education and made his life better.

Would you like to leave a final note to netizens who become mentors necessary for you?

Thank you for your best wishes I want everyone to be light. with drama because his child is like a pure white cloth. Because in the future, if he comes back and reads what his mother did not do It is similar to the color that comes labeled with the fabric. We too feel uncomfortable. May the child be in his natural way. And we believe in ourselves that We will be able to do a better job. Let him be born a good boy with quality And wait, parents, mentors, netizens It will come again to say that we are not raising children well. We wanted to tell him that each home has a different parenting style. I would like to ask for support and encouragement rather than cursing each other.