Wanyai give encouragement to patients with myasthenia gravis (SMA) Through the song and instead of good meaning to say "thank you"

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Wanyai give encouragement to patients with myasthenia gravis (SMA)  Through the song and instead of good meaning to say "thank you"

“Thank you”, a song from Wanyai Oran Choojai, an artist from HolyFox camp who wants to send encouragement and be a spokesperson for the story of SMA patients through a song titled “Thank You”, which in Thailand has more children. In 1,000 cases of "muscle weakness" (SMA), these children gradually lose control of basic muscle function. Start with the legs, arms, and breathing muscles. As a result, they are unable to perform any normal activities as normal children. Currently, there is no cure for this disease. can only treat the symptoms and if not physical May countdown to a state of powerlessness until death

Big glasses questioned himself. “If today is the last day of your life What would you like to say to the people we love?” who is a patient with myasthenia gravis (SMA) who has been sick since the age of 5 Showed me how to live beside the ones we love. Worth living for each other Thank you bus and mom for teaching me to appreciate the meaning of things more clearly.

“I feel like tomorrow might not really be the same. No one knows that every night I close my eyes It might be our last closing our eyes. When we understand that the remaining time is a countdown. I think when my countdown comes I will feel that I have lived a life that is worthwhile and meaningful without regretting a second that passes. We hug the people we love enough. told me what I wanted to say and passed away without any regrets,” said Wanyai.

Buses and patients with myasthenia gravis (SMA) also need help finding therapeutic drugs to reduce their chances of dying. You can raise funds through the Siam Commercial Bank account, Thai Red Cross Society branch, account name "Thai Red Cross Society", account number 045-2-88000-6. to fund "ALS (muscle weakness syndrome) and other nerve and muscle diseases)” by specifying “Account 25020102 for Bus Panita Chavapatthanakul”

Note : 1. All fundraising with the Thai Red Cross Foundation Able to reduce tax by 1 time                                   

2. If transferring money to the above account Able to send proof of money transfer to e-mail phithikarn@gmail.com  (Thai Red Cross Society) to use for issuing donation receipts and send back as evidence to the donors by mail

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