"It's good.. ma (Made up)", a cute song. The duo of two brothers in the name of Double O (Double O).

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"It's good.. ma (Made up)", a cute song. The duo of two brothers in the name of Double O (Double O).

"OJ" a boy, Pattawasu Phattiyakul, 12 years old, an older brother, and "Ona" a girl, Pattaraphon Phattiyakul, a 10-year-old sister, currently studying at Satit Silpakorn School (primary and primary), primary school. 6 and Grade 4 respectively

OJ started singing in English. and participated in activities from the age of 4, while Ona likes to dance cover and Thai dance. since kindergarten Both brothers participated in the photo genius contest. and various shows both inside and outside the school have been selected as representatives to perform in various important events until they have entered the contest together both brothers Therefore, the band was named Double O with its origin from the first letter of the nickname. The two sisters (Ojay, Ona) were often referred to as the Song O brothers and became the group's name Double O.


The artists who inspired him were P' Bird Thongchai McIntyre because his father listened a lot, P' Atom Chanakan and the band Slot Machine, but the idol in the school was Kru Pott, who gave her the opportunity to perform at the event. Various, including songwriting "I want to go to school" as the first single on YouTube and Tiktok in 2020 until I had the opportunity to compete in various events together. So the two brothers reunited under the name Double O until now, and today, the Double O brothers have a cute single for all the brothers and sisters with the song "Good..

The song “Good.. I want you to admit your mistake. and forgive each other The inspiration for composing this song I want to see the brothers reconcile By composing the lyrics and melody of "Kru Krit" Chaikrit Suwanmalee, together with "Aof3D" who came to help mix. including being a producer to this song as well

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