68 national costumes "Miss Grand International 2022", stunningly beautiful, great design "Bossnawat" opens the vote for beauty queen fans around the world to judge

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68 national costumes "Miss Grand International 2022", stunningly beautiful, great design "Bossnawat" opens the vote for beauty queen fans around the world to judge

The One And Only has only the Miss Grand International stage. Only unique and no one dares like Ready to celebrate the 10th anniversary, stepping into the 11th year, full of bangs The latest open championships "National costume" for designers show outstanding potential emphasis on uniqueness Beautiful and refined culture through contestants in 68 countries around the world. This year, Ivan Kunavan, the copyright holder, hosts the Miss Grand International 2022 contest, preparing a large stage space in the Sentul International Convention Center in Bangkok. Jakarta, Indonesia Let all beauties show off the beauty of the national costume today.

But before the time everyone has been waiting for The host of a special show from 2 Indonesian artists KRISDAYANTI and TITI DJ was able to get the audience screaming. A special girl, Gennaly Chaparo, the world's first grand queen of 2013 who is still beautiful and elegant, Ariska Putri Petivy, Miss Grand International 2016, Clara Sosa, Miss Grand Inter. National 2018 Valentina Figueira, Miss Grand International 2019, Abina Acuba Apppier, Miss Grand International 2020 and Nguyen Tuk Tui Tien or Queen Tian Miss Gran International 2022 indispensable is Khun Nawat Isarakraisil, president of Miss Grand International Public Company Limited, the founder of Miss Grand, Khun Theresa Chaiwisut, vice president of the Miss Grand Inter pageant. National and Mr. Ivan Kunawan

Then the MC raised the stage for 68 beautiful women to show their national costumes and design skills. Jenners from around the world out into the eyes of the audience who are watching inside the hall and the beauty queen fans who are watching via Youtube : GRAND TV Because every dress is beautiful and unique. Tailoring that must only be skilled in order to create and come out, including over-the-top presentations. of the contestants Many large sets filled the stage Some dresses are so heavy that they have to ask the team to help compose Miss Grand Thailand in the HANUMAN THAI BOXING (Hanuman Thai Boxing) dress, designed and tailored by Art Akrat Neramitsilp, which the judges have to decide. 10 best dresses Khun Nawat opened to fans of beauty queens to vote on the most favorite 10 national costumes via Like & Share on Facebook: Miss Grand International Voting closes before the results are announced in the final round on the night of October 25, 2022. 

For the Miss Grand International 2022 contest, the important rounds are as follows:

22 October 2022 : Preliminary Competition

25 October 2022 : Final Show (Judgement Competition)

Fans of beauty queens join in cheering and track activities from all channels

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