Whoever listens has to rock with the rhythm! “You (YOU)” new single from TAKE AWAY

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Whoever listens has to rock with the rhythm! “You (YOU)” new single from TAKE AWAY

TAKE AWAY is back with a new single “You (YOU) ” featuring music and mood-boosting music that invites you to rock to the fun rhythm. plus the unique sound of Nam Phueng (lead singer), which this single makes special by adjusting the color reproduction of the music that is featured in this song in the bold guitar line of the song in every part, plus the bass. And the kick drums have created new groove ideas. This song is considered another song with a fun rhythm. Inspired to write this song from Touch (bassist) wants to make a song that speaks to a group of people. looking at people as unequal Whether it's about sexism, racial discrimination, or racial discrimination and positioned itself as the center of the universe So that's the origin of this song. The song intends to convey the view that all people are equal human beings. should treat each other in a humane manner  

For the beginning of the group came from the gathering of members within the band who like similar music genres. It started with the idea that it wasn't just food that people could consume. But we can also enjoy music with great taste, for example, the song “YOU”, the band compares food to noodles with 2 meanings. From the eaters who made it look as diverse as those diverse humans.

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