"Hai Chutima" cried all day because he was deceived in the MV of the song "I still don't like my heart"

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"Hai Chutima" cried all day because he was deceived in the MV of the song "I still don't like my heart"

It's a good time for a beautiful country singer like "Hai Chutima" from the Grammy Gold camp. I would like to take this opportunity to release the latest songs. "I still don't give a damn", a slow, sad song that crushes the hearts of those who know they are being deceived. but still willing to let him deceive This single is a song in Isan language, the whole song to appease the demands of the fans. Makes the young Suphan happy to wipe a little sweat. Because she had to practice the Isan accent rigorously with Ajarn Toey Piyawut to control the singing, but with the intention of making every work come out well. she is ready to fight And in addition, she has to show off her dramatic acting skills through this music video. and heard that She had to cry from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. It was called very brutal. The content of the song will talk about a woman. who was deceived by the man she loved and pretended to be in love until she had to ask if she was so sad and still not satisfied with the deception

Hai Chutima told about the music video shooting that “I have to tell you that Hai usually takes part in MV performances for every song of his own. But this song will be very special. Which Hai is glad and thanks to the team very much for seeing the potential in this field of Hai and thinking that Hai can do it. Because I have to say that this music video is a filming that has to cry a lot, not less than 5 scenes, crying from 8 am until 10 pm. It makes us have to be very conscious. I want to leave everyone to follow. As for the song, I still don't like it. You can watch the MV now on YouTube Grammy Gold Official." 

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