See the beauty of 68 beautiful women, Miss Grand International 2022, preliminary round

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See the beauty of 68 beautiful women, Miss Grand International 2022, preliminary round

Few days left Will know the results of which country's beauties will be crowned "Miss Grand International 2022" celebrates its 10th anniversary, creating the legend of the 10th Grand Queen that the world must engrave. But to be the best on the Miss Grand International stage It's not easy, besides having all 3 B (Body Beauty and Brain), there must be light and social. Imitation is a guide to success. and must be a voice It is the driving force behind the stage's campaign, Stop The War And Violence. Which around the speed many times creates a driving force for society both at the family and national level.

Today, 68 beautiful women contestants of Miss Grand International 2022 competed in the Preliminary Competition round, having to collect as many points from the judges as possible. This event, Mr. Ivan Kunawan, the copyright holder, hosts the Miss Grand International 2022 contest. Opening the stage with Lees Garcia, Miss Grand International 2014, the main host, welcomed the Grand Queens Gennaly Chaparo, Miss Grand International 2013, Ariska Putri Petivy, Miss Grand International 2016, Miss Grand International 2017, Clara Sosa, Miss Grand International 2018, Valentina Figueira, Miss Grand International 2019, Abina Acuba Appier, Miss Grand International 2020, and Nguyen Tuk Tui Tien or Miss Queen Tian. Grand International 2022

The music thumped the hall with the cheers. Which today, the Miss Grand Thailand 2022 team, the Power Grand Of Thailand leader, came to cheer on Ingfah, grabbing a dense golden crown, the flag with the dryer, ready. Before seeing the beauty of the contestants in Sportswear, showing their proportions, walking, posing in order to impress the judges. Continuing with a colorful, twinkling night, twinkling with the lights in the hall. Photographers keep shuttering, the number of viewers on Youtube: Grand TV jumps to more than 550,000 people.

But who will be the owner of the "Mongthong", celebrating 10 years, Miss Grand International 2022 must come to win. We still maintain that although polls often categorize who sleeps in the crown. But it must be said that one should not underestimate Mrs. Pad and TOP VOTE, which Boss Nawat Isarakraisil confirmed that the Miss Grand International stage Innocent, fair and never locked up. 

Prepare your body, soul and cheers to welcome the new Miss Grand International 2022 on the evening of October 25, 2022 at 7pm at Sentul International Convention Center in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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