"Sai KPN", the representative of Thailand, leads the "Li-Kay" show at the global event 2022 Gyeryong World Military Culture Expo

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"Sai KPN", the representative of Thailand, leads the "Li-Kay" show at the global event 2022 Gyeryong World Military Culture Expo

Good vocalist "Sai KPN" (Lt.Ying Phisa Suansri) is delighted to be the representative of Thailand together with "Army Musicians" to lead the "Li-Kay" performance team at the 2022 global event.​ Gyeryong World Military Culture Expo during 12-24 Oct '65 in the Republic of Korea At the invitation of the Ministry of Defense Republic of Korea at the "2022 Gyeryong World Military Culture EXPO" in Gryong City, Republic of Korea by organizing this music show There were marching bands from eight other countries that were invited to perform, namely "USA, UK, Malaysia, Vietnam, France, Indonesia, Mongolia and Thailand". 

Gyeryong World Military Culture EXPO was held for sharing. and convey the culture, art, and peace of the military culture of the world. to show peace and unity within the Korean Peninsula to enhance the status of Korea After going through the Korean War to show respect for the country through the exchange of military cultures of the world to make peace and the value of the world's military culture 

The form of participation in Thai music performances will be presented in two forms: joining the parade by playing the Royal Army march, the Rajchawanlop song and the royal song of King Rama IX and the performance of the Sanam marching band will be playing fair Army march music, parade, and the performance of the royal song of King Rama IX "Phra Maha Mongkhon", the performance of Thai national cultural performances, such as "Li-Ke's performance "Chantacrop", which is rehearsed and performed. by Nong Sai's father "Father Pongsak Suansri" including Thai boxing art performances "Bang Rachan Wan Phen", a performance of popular international songs titled "On The Floor", a SPECTER performance, and a song that represents the relationship between the two countries, namely "Aree Dang Song" and "Loy Krathong Song" by Nong Sai revealed his feelings. cross country that

“Sai is very proud. Representing Thailand to disseminate art and culture "li-ke", which is considered the origin of the life of Sai. And most importantly, Father "Pongsak Suansri" has helped direct the rehearsals and support the various costumes in this show as well. This event is huge. It is a world-class event where every country brings their own country's arts and culture to show. Thailand has also brought Li-Kae to the show. Feeling elated and grateful to the Royal Thai Army for choosing the Li-Kae show. Come join the performance with the marching band this time. The music is very grand and magnificent, presenting a new style. And foreigners like it a lot. They admired and took a lot of pictures of us. And the sound of screaming and applause resounded throughout the arena, making my heart feel very full and Sai will do his best and do his best."