Keep an eye on the hot actor on Channel 3HD "Ice-Phanuwat" after changing the look. Crowded event... full queue for 7 days in a row!!!

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Keep an eye on the hot actor on Channel 3HD "Ice-Phanuwat" after changing the look. Crowded event... full queue for 7 days in a row!!!

Can be called a new actor on the podium. "Hottest hero" of the entertainment industry for a handsome young man Ice-Phanuwat Premaneenan, the long-haired young man from the hit drama "Wasanarak" to the drama for the land of his birth like "Gather the Land" Bao Jinzhong Camp After closing this camera Ice young man cuts his hair to change his own look, until many people secretly regret his handsomeness, but where can after changing looks to a young man with short hair, clean face Young Ice became a hot guy who caught the wind. Because there is a long drama to be filmed for seven days in a row. with different characters And challenge the ability of this handsome young hero with the most powerful birth!!!

sorted since The evil tiger hides the pattern as "Taiga", a famous designer in Japan. The stepfather is the leader of the yakuza gang. orphaned since childhood He was adopted but his stepfather was killed by the File Phoenix Organization. therefore had to return to seek revenge in Thailand Condoms are a good-natured, cheeky young man who thinks outside the box, but when he's serious, he's ready to change into another person. Ended up with Kolgam Rak as "Pheem", a businessman who loves independent life. be a youtuber Compare yourself to life like an eagle. a very talented person have a cousin who are always being compared to them

As for the drama, "Kep Din" plays the role of "Mintada", a young Kaze hill tribe who wants to fight to protect his homeland. They want their nation to be peaceful and live simply enough to live and eat. With the story of the unrest that has been encountered since childhood, Mintada is a strong person. 2001 is known as the loudest in that era. great mom!!!

Plus the drama that just left the screen. not long ago "Ai Khoi Hug Chao" in the role of a handsome pharmacist Also hit the ratings for Channel 3HD, buzzing around the house all over the city on the Social Death Vote series with the chapter "Q", even though the series has ended, but the fans talk about the young psychopath in this story that it's great!!!
It can be called "Any look is a smooth hit"...for this hero!!! For those who are waiting for the new drama of Young Ice and what it is. It's not too long to wait. You will definitely be able to watch. Prepare for the screaming sound....the screen can be saved!!!