"Isabella" slashed "Ingfah" to win the gold crown "Miss Grand International 2022"

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"Isabella" slashed "Ingfah" to win the gold crown "Miss Grand International 2022"

Cheer up, have fun, have fun. Finally, the crown goes to Isabella Menin (Isabella Menin) from Brazil, winning the title of Miss Grand. International 2022 celebrates its 10th anniversary with dignity Shear defeated Asian contenders such as Ingfa Waraha, Miss Grand Thailand narrowly. With all the beautiful features, good wit, brains and ready to work with the organization Miss Grand International for a full year, Nawat Isarakraisil prepares to bring all 10 army positions back to celebrate the big event in Thailand. Worldwide travel plans Reinforcing the success of the Thai Nationality Contest with dignity Call it a big event that "wi" didn't expect.

For the atmosphere of the Miss Grand International 2022 contest at Sentul International Convention Center in Jakarta, Indonesia, besides the beauty queen fight with all your heart no one gives up The push-back team is equally strong. The more hosts organize the Miss Grand International 2022 contest, like Ivan Kunawan, who has fully invested in every competition round. Merge the team behind the house at Boss Nawat Isarakraisil, brought from Thailand to add quality to The happiness of beauty queen fans around the world. looking forward to watching and cheering Live broadcast on Youtube : Grand TV, just the opening scene became viral around the world. with a spectacular opening show Leading the team by "Queen Tian" Nguyen Tuk Tui Tien, the sound of screaming. The number of live viewers exceeded 2 million. 

Matthew Dean flew to the sky to take on the role of MC. Welcome everyone to the contest. The Best National Costume award was announced, including Vietnam, Peru, Thailand and England, followed by the title Miss Social Media By MS Glow, including Miss Grand Czech Republic, announced the 20 finalists, starting with the winner of The Country's Power Of The. Year is Miss Grand Vietnam, followed by Honduras, Indonesia, Nigeria, Denmark, Cambodia, England, Philippines, Thailand, Spain, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Paraguay, Colombia, Peru, Curacao, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Brazil. Entering the competition in Sportswere, the committee gives The final beauty score The beauty came out in a bright pink Sportswere outfit, before announcing the results of the 10 finalists immediately. Of course, those who win POPULAR VOTE via www. missgrandinternational.com, the highest, went to Miss Grand Mauritius, automatically entered the top 10, followed by Miss Grand Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Spain, Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Cambodia amid the cheers. The committee agreed that it was most troubling. Beautiful people are unfortunately eliminated in many countries.

10 beautiful women finalists Wearing a kebaya to give a speech, STOP THE WAR AND VIOLENCE, ending war and violence. Which is the heart and important mission of Miss Grand International. to join in driving the peace to happen For the moment that brings tears to the impression when Queen Tien, Miss Grand International 2021, makes history in a big way. to Vietnam until being regarded as influential lady bid farewell to her position tonight full of unforgettable impressions Ready to deliver the crown to Khun Nawat Isarakraisin, to keep it before launching the new crown for Miss Grand International 10 ” in the evening

Then Khun Nawat, along with Miss Grand International 2013-2021, Jennaly Chaparo, Miss Grand International 2013, Lee Garcia, Miss Grand International 2014, Ariska Puttri Petivy, Miss Grand International 2016. Maria Jose Laura, Miss Grand International 2017, Clara Sosa, Miss Grand International 2018, Valentina Figueira, Miss Grand International 2019, Abina Acuba Appear, Miss Grand International 2020 and Nguyen Tuk Tui Tien, Miss Grand International 2021 thanked everyone for their openness to support Miss Grand Inter. National for the past 10 years, ready to celebrate the 11th year of success together, then 10 contestants Come out to show off in an evening dress. Join us to congratulate Best National Directer by the winner of the Golden Grand Award, namely Vietnam.

The host announced the final 5 finalists. The beauty queen fans in the hall were not seated. Matthew announced the names of Miss Grand Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Czech Republic and Venezuela to the quiz round. to express an attitude By asking, While there was a war between the Russia and Ukraine The Russian President has ordered an invasion of Ukraine. killing people destroy the architecture and create uncertainties in the future If you had the opportunity to send a message to President Vladimir Putin, what would you say?

All the beauty queens were excellent at answering questions. But before you get to know the results of which country beauties will get Crowned with gold, Khun Nawat presented the sash of honor to Khun Ivan Kunawan, the host of the contest. 

The MC announced the 5th runner-up: Miss Grand Cambodia: Pich Votey Saravody (Pich Vote Saravodi), Miss Grand Colombia: Priscilla Londoño (Priscilla Londono), Miss Grand. Mauritius :Yuvna Gookool (Yuvna Goukul) Miss Grand Puerto Rico : Oxana Rivera (Osana Riviera) and Miss Grand Spain : Hirisley Jiménez

And then the moment of excitement arrived. The MC announced the 4th runner-up, Miss Grand Czech Republic Mariana Beckova (Mariana Beckova), the 3rd runner-up was Miss Grand Venezuela Luiseth Materan (Lucia Materen) 2nd runner-up, Miss Grand Indonesia, Andina Julie (Andina Julie), left two beauty queens on the stage, Thailand, shake hands with Brazil, among the supporters of two countries, the MC announced Miss Kae International brands 2022, including Brazil, Isabella Menin (Isabella Menin), making Ingfa Warah Thailand the first runner-up, with 10 Miss Grand will work with the organization. Miss Grand International 2022 for a full year, ready to return to Thailand in early November

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