Lock the calendar on October 30!! “JATUJAK STREET CONCERT” Week 3 with more fun!!

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Lock the calendar on October 30!! “JATUJAK STREET CONCERT” Week 3 with more fun!!

Full of fun for two weeks. For the activity "JATUJAK STREET CONCERT" that opens the area in Chatuchak Market to be an area of ​​music under the concept "Shake Happiness, Awaken the Colors of Chatuchak Market", which the past two weeks have had fans. Parade to watch a free charity concert. from the artists who switched to the stage with a hit song The show is full of excitement. to Chatuchat Market in the evening as well arrived the week 3 B.E.B. or B camps Entertainment BEAT continues to gather brothers, sisters, artists from various camps to create fun, which on Sunday, October 30, fans You will meet many artists such as JARITZ, REDSPIN & YAMAJIN PROJECT, RUBYTAN, WEEDBOMB, FLATBOY, EARTHREAXE, GRADUM, CD GUNTEE, SIR POPPA and DAWUT.

which in the event, besides the fans And tourists who come for a walk at Chatuchak Weekend Market will enjoy a special show that the artists have prepared to surprise. And of course there are activities. as special as ever with participating in the auction of products from shops within Chatuchak Weekend Market, which earns every baht, every satang in the activity this concert Donated to Thammasat University Hospital to support the device and further medical equipment..

You know, don't miss it!! Prepare to lock the queue on Sunday, October 30th. Let's meet from 16.00 onwards at Chatuchak Weekend Market, at the entrance of Gate 1, White Tent (next to the Chatuchak Market Office).

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