Pro' good, crush my heart!! "Bird Thongchai" is ready to serve "Try it" with "Aum-Patcharapa" for the first time in the dormitory!

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Pro' good, crush my heart!! "Bird Thongchai" is ready to serve "Try it" with "Aum-Patcharapa" for the first time in the dormitory!

After the release of the new album “BIRD 22 (Bird Twenty Two)” came out to listen to. “Try it” is a song that fans love. And there was a voice calling for a music video the most! ! which is true!! Start gently provoking with puzzles to try and guess.. 'Pe Bird's heroine… Who is she? To come to use Thongchai Service', but "Bird-Thongchai McIntyre", the superstar in our hearts forever. It does not let everyone guess for a long time. Social media Through the teaser and the introduction of the latest heroine of "Bird" is "Aum-Patcharapa Chaichua", the superstar heroine. who came to perform together for the first time! In this MV, which many people must have watched and smiled as well.

For the song “Tri-Tri-T” is a T-POP style song that blends the 80s vibes. The storytelling method of this song was written by “Am-Achariya Dulyapaiboon” (the person behind the success of many songs nowadays. ) Content about P' Bird has a promotion to present that How can we be good lovers? which is the idea to create a story in the MV romantic comedy Opening the story with an advertisement for Thongchai Service in 2022, the company has released a new product called iTaw, a special AI robot to try out. with the slogan that "Next time love You choose by yourself.” Meanwhile, the heroine Aum is facing a problem. Disappointed in love, heartbroken, love wisdom, feeling unlovable So decided to order a robot iTaw (Itao) to try, which when the robot delivered. Turn on the cute Aita mode. Happy to serve everything We will see many modes of cuteness. of the Bird robot (iTaw), such as mopping the floor, cleaning every corner of the house, cooking, entertaining, solving loneliness, driving, protecting when there is a threat, etc.

By "Pe Bird" reveals the feeling of working with "Aum-Patcharapha" that .... P' Bird is very happy. After knowing that he played himself And playing with Nong Aum is very happy. Aum is the heroine that P' Bird wants to come and play the MV for one day. Waited for a long time. Today, Aum has come to play for this song. "Trial" is a very beautiful bride, very sweet, very cute. The language of the songs is good. The language of the music video is good. Byrd's heroine is very beautiful. Leave our MV 2 people too It's been too long before we meet. I saw this and thought that it would definitely not disappoint anyone. In the love story of the two characters in the MV "Trial"

On the side of "Aum-Patcharapha" said ...Aum cleared all the queues for P' Bird. Normally, Aum has rules and procedures for accepting work. But here, you don't have to ask at all. Brother Bird is very cute. childishness It's a robot with bright eyes. I want Brother Bird to try it at home. I want to see P' Byrd mopping the floor. Haha.

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