Beside you, sweet love song OST.

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Beside you, sweet love song OST.

It has aired 3 episodes with the most satisfying series 2 Moons The Ambassador in the last month of the month on Amarin TV. Recently released the song "Khang You" 在你身边 (Beside You) from Motive Village Co., Ltd., sung by Nong Chao Katayuth, an artist from Song Camp with a sweet voice. suitable for love songs and Chinese language proficiency Nong Chao also participated in writing Chinese text during the rap part. Lyrics and melodies by BABEPOOM, Chamil Arin, the team behind many hit songs such as friends play, don't play friends, treadmill, if we meet again.

The song “Beside You” 在你身边 (Beside You) is a song that conveys the feelings of the main character of the story. Despite how much they are rivals but always by the side of the cold wind Anyone who is a fan of 2 Moons, the month of the month, will definitely be immersed in this sweet love song. “What will it be like from now on? How hard will the last scene be? I will always be by your side will always support you no matter how anyone looks at her Don't care, you know? You don't have to worry I will always be here with you.”

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Nong Chao Kathayuth is one of the supporting actors for the role of “Friend Lom Nao” or “To”. Previously, she had a song “Rom and Fon” in the Lonely Season Project compilation album and a new single is coming soon. Recently, please follow the work and watch the final season of the series 2 Moons The Ambassador. Broadcast every Monday at 10:30 PM. on Amarin TV HD Channel 34. You can watch backwards on We TV at 10:30 PM.

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