"June Chonruedi", the actress of Channel 8, opened her heart in the first place in the program Spicy Fun Entertainment tell a surprise shot The moment the wedding's kneeling was brought to tears.

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"June Chonruedi", the actress of Channel 8, opened her heart in the first place in the program Spicy Fun Entertainment tell a surprise shot The moment the wedding's kneeling was brought to tears.

She has already become a red label bride for the hottest female heroine from Channel 8 TV station, "June-Chonluedee". Amornlak" at the latest (October 27, 2022) after being hit by a boyfriend, a non-business businessman, "Khun Deng-Piphut Khun Khunupakarnan" surprises kneel to marry As far as Japan Both of them studied together for more than 7 years. By this event, the program is spicy, fun, entertaining, so don't wait. Make a direct call and talk to Young June first. After the girl June posted a romantic moment on her Instagram with the caption “I Say Yes” decorated with a ring-shaped emoji made friends in And outside the entertainment industry, along with fans, flocked to congratulate the story will be romantic how sweet Let's listen to June's most touching feelings this time.

Can you tell me about the day that I got a surprise marriage proposal?

Actually, we just came back from overseas. That day, we traveled to Japan together for a week. which we go together with family And it's the moment that we're stopping at a tourist attraction for dinner together. It's a simple moment, not too sweet. He knelt down to propose to June in the middle of the parking lot. In addition to the atmosphere around that time, there are witnesses of tourists standing a lot. They look at what we are doing with some doubts We were a little embarrassed then.

Did you know that you were about to get married by surprise? Does he have any doubts?

In fact, I must say that he was very pleasantly surprised. because we didn't expect that there will be an event like today which June was very shocked There is also crying But we didn't take pictures. Well, we're not doing it right. Usually, we've seen many people who were surprised. I didn't think that this time I would be the one who was proposed. Well, it's gone and it's very embarrassing. Even now, I'm still embarrassed by myself (laughs).

Do you remember how he said the first sentence to us?

Tune in to remember the moment. and the words he said were accurate. At that time, he looked excited too, and suddenly he grabbed our hand and asked, "Marry me," and put my hand on the ring. Don't wait for us to respond. Well, he said that he was very excited and embarrassed as well.

Did the family know about it before?

For this surprise, the family told me that He had just come to prepare and plan to propose to us this morning. and he will come and ask in the evening It was an unexpected surprise for both me and my family.

Many people wondered who this young man was. Are you a young businessman?

Well, actually with this boyfriend, we've known each other since school days. Some have talked, some have not spoken. It's a friend status. At some point, we felt that, okay, this person should be able to take care of us and talk well, good-natured, a person who doesn't drink alcohol. no night out And they take care of us very well. from friend to brother So we feel that this person is okay with us.

How many years has this person studied?

Actually, we've known each other for about 7 years, and sometimes we don't talk to each other as people look at each other, until recently, in this year, we talked almost every day. Because the line of work that he does is the same line of work that our family does. So the two of us had the opportunity to talk and consult each other often. For example, when we finish filming the drama, go back to help at home. We met, so we came to discuss both work and personal matters. Plus we've known each other for a while now.

What are your plans for the future after this? When will the wedding be arranged, have you thought about it yet?

Now we're going to think about when it's a good time to decorate, because really, if we have to look at the auspicious time, we have to look at it first. We'll have to talk first. Prepare to consult with adults Let him help to look and summarize the most suitable days because we are not in a hurry. If it's an auspicious time, I'll tell you again when it will be.

Friends came to congratulate and tease each other a lot?

Yes, normally we would go to other people's weddings, friends, brothers and sisters, but when it came to our turn, we were pleasantly surprised. Everyone cheered with us as well. I want to thank my brothers and sisters in the industry and friends a lot. June sat and read every comment. I'm glad that everyone came to congratulate us.

So how do you plan your work in the industry?

In fact, I haven't left my job in the entertainment industry yet. I still want to film the drama as usual. But during this time, we come to practice working with the house. Once everything is cleared, it may be possible to return to the drama. It's still a job that we like, we love and our boyfriend doesn't block us in our work at all. He gives us freedom in our thoughts. Still can follow June on Channel 8 as usual.

How are his fans? After being opened a portal?

Well, he was a little shocked. Because usually we are people who rarely post pictures of couples. And when we come to post a picture, he has a lollipop when reading the comments. because his friends came to tease him a lot News has been sent in. He might not be used to it at first. Well, he's a shy guy who doesn't like to go out in the media much, but after this, of course, we'll show off some sweet moments for everyone to follow us for sure.