"Oliler" took 4 million to buy the first house. As a surprise gift for mom

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"Oliler" took 4 million to buy the first house. As a surprise gift for mom

For “ Oliler ”, the Thaidol music artist The owner of the song hurts. End. Remember. Close the game. The villain. Just the hugg. The digital girl. The latest album “ Ailer has posted. New house pictures Glad and proud. Buy.The first house for 4 million baht is a surprise gift to the mother in Khon Kaen Province. Which, before getting this house, is not an easy task    

Oh, I said “ Very happy. Who bought the first house at the age of 25 years. I intend to buy it. Surprise on Mother's Day But the house is not finished yet Almost a hundred percent now Arrived not being given during the festival But I intend to buy for the family First of all, I wantThank you everyone in the camp. Hugger Hugler Whether it's a team or a fan club, fans of music “ Oliler ” Everyone, thanks to the encouragement of parents, sisters and sisters. That waits for every upload feeling Every step of my walk Thank you friends and adults around you.The composition that shaped the character named “ Euler ” has happened a few times that I would feel proud of myself. This time I was very happy and proud. Please stay with good feelings for a long time. Thank you, talented brother. “ Marvin ” Hand in hand.Keep it at all times, regardless of the time

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