The last bend bought concert tickets. “BOYd-NOP FAMILY : BACK TO THE 90’s CONCERT”

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The last bend bought concert tickets. “BOYd-NOP FAMILY : BACK TO THE 90’s CONCERT”

Open for fans to reserve the last lot of tickets for the concert "BOYd-NOP FAMILY: BACK TO THE 90's CONCERT" to be held on Saturday, December 24 at Treasure Hill Golf Course, Chonburi Province. 

This concert, the fans You will meet many favorite young artists of the 90s such as MODERNDOG feat. Toon Artiwara, POP feat. POO BLACKHEAD, 2 DAYS AGO KID, Pu Anchalee, Pun Paiboonkiat, Tee Chaiyadej, Rudklao Amradit, Pod. Thanachai, Burin Boonvisut, Bee Peerapat, Boy Tri, Po Yogi Playboy, Ben Chalatit, Q Suveera, Cake Punyaman, Mariam Gray, Toh Saksit, TRIUMPHS KINGDOM, Too Phop Thon, LIPTA, Singto Namchok, Kan THE PARKINSON, NO ONE ELSE, THE BEGINS, SPACE BROTHERS BAND, SAMMii and not to be missed... MEGAHURTZ, a special boy band from the merger of Pod-Nop-Tri-Po-B 

Boy-Nop will bring everyone back to remember. It's the time of happiness in the 90s with beautiful music that is like a soundtrack to your teenage life. to listen to the fullness for more than 8 hours, guaranteeing that you can sing along to every song, which after opening, to reserve the last lot of tickets, received the attention of fans who came to book a lot of tickets at this event, Boyd Kosiyapong and Nop Pornchamni told me that the card was almost sold out. And for those who hesitate, there is a last chance to reserve tickets before they are sold. Out... and secretly whispered That this event, all artists prepare a special show to fully surprise the fans. If you miss it, you will regret it!! 

For those who do not have tickets for the concert “BOYd-NOP FAMILY : BACK TO THE 90's CONCERT”, you can reserve your tickets today via ThaiTicketMajor, every branch. If you are slow, you will miss it. It's gone. It's gone. 

Fans can watch “Road to BOYd-NOP FAMILY : BACK TO THE 90's CONCERT,” a show that tells a story. "Until the day of the concert" for the fans of Boy-Nap to be informed. to the details of the preparation Including other fun stories to meet, can be viewed on YouTube : Boyd-Nop Family -> https:// And be a part of the BOYd-NOP FAMILY to receive information. Update before anyone else via LINE @boydnop 

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