“LAZ1” shares the experience of chatting hard right!! through a new single “Not answering at all (WHAT'S THE MATTER?)”

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“LAZ1” shares the experience of chatting hard right!! through a new single “Not answering at all (WHAT'S THE MATTER?)”

Excited for the fans who are waiting for the new songs of the 5 young men of LAZ1, Da Wu, Off-Road, Diamond, Geller and Pen Tor, which also arrived at the 3rd single in the song, did not answer at all. Aunt (WHAT'S THE MATTER?)” comes in a fun POP music style. With the most cute dance moves that invite fans to rock accordingly Plus, the content of the song that tells the story of "Chat Nak Kruek" has messaged me and the other party doesn't answer. Believe that it must match the experience of many people for sure. by a golden hand composer Amp-Ajchariya Dulyapaiboon together with Dome-Charuwat Chiawaram who sits at the producer stand. In addition, along with the beautiful actress from GMMTV Love-Patranit Limpatiyakorn came to create color in the music video as well.

which 5 young LAZ1 have revealed their feelings “With this song, I have to say that it's different from our first two songs. It was a really fun job, especially when filming the MV. This song has a heroine (Love-Patranit) also joined the show. I'm telling you that I'm very excited. Because Lief is so cute And we are involved in choosing the heroine herself (smiles) which the atmosphere of the filming. I have to say that it's fun and has a lot of comedy. The director allows us to fully act as ourselves. It's the story of 5 of us who got dong chatted! So invite each other to disguise themselves to find out the truth. Why didn't he answer at all!? I want everyone to try to follow. And this song still has the same choreography. It's a cute dance. I want to invite everyone to dance with us. And don't forget to add hashtags to TikTok as a challenge. We are very determined and full. I hope everyone will like it.” 

Can follow the movement of 5 young people "LAZ1" Tah Wu, Off-Road, Drivemon, Geller and Pentear with the latest single. "Don't answer at all (What's the matter?)" via YOUTUBE: LAZ1OFFICIAL, as well as follow the movement of LAZ1 at Facebook: Laz1official, Instagram: laz1_official, Twitter: LAZ1_OFFICIAL and TikTok: LAZ1_OFFICIAL.

Follow, listen and watch the music MV. I don't answer at all (What's the matter?)” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68uXgjGJg5c&feature=emb_title