"Da Endorphine" is super hot!! 6 months pregnant with husband "Dennis Thaikoon" press conference to open a new record label Bars Entertainment

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"Da Endorphine" is super hot!! 6 months pregnant with husband "Dennis Thaikoon" press conference to open a new record label Bars Entertainment

She is a hot mom who, even though her pregnancy is entering the 6th month, still continues to work non-stop. Recently, the singer with a quality voice, "Da Endorphine", took her husband's arm "Dennis Thaikoon", held a press conference to open a new record label, Bars Entertainment. Prepare to create new artists to enter the industry. He also caught the mic to show off his voice with hot fashion as the label's first artist to wow the guests and the media who attended the event with the song "Tell him first" as well.

Da Endorphine revealed, “We had the idea that I wanted to create a record label when Da started making music myself. Da is an independent artist. Start building your own home network. Da uses the power of Da's aptitude on the Thai side. As for Dennis, he spread the news to his friends from abroad to help work for him, and the song is called the debut song of Bars Entertainment.

Bars Entertainment It was a dream of Da and Denis who thought alike to have a house that was the starting point for artists.

The name Bars has many meanings. The first is Bars that we write on the sheet music. But if it's hip-hop will refer to cool, cool rap sentences, and in the end, the meaning is establishing better standards Our mission is to upgrade the quality of the music to make it even better. We have enough experience I will teach the younger ones to educate and take care of them from the first step. And the number one artist of our label is Da Endorphine (laughs) Just released a single called "Tell him first" Da wrote for 2-3 years in an R&B-pop style. Make an MV into a fashion magazine The feedback is quite satisfying at the point that we didn't have any releases or press releases, now it's close to a million views. I'm glad that many people follow. There will be an audition in December as well, you can follow Bars Entertainment. can follow social media 

about the child To be honest, Da still doesn't feel that Da is pregnant. I feel like I'm just bloated. Everyone asked why Da Fat. Well, everyone is pregnant. Now it's 6 months. I don't feel like morning sickness, so I can work. The doctor made an appointment on January 26, filming The Star ended on January 22. Everyone helps to see that they are on the show. Will it hurt to give birth? Dennis is so excited I said I was ready and happy to take care of my children. Gender answer, let's keep it for playing games with friends. Because there are a lot of tanks as well. I'm going to take a break from the tour and start again next April. I took a break for 3 months to breastfeed and then came back on the tour. And there will be a big concert at the end of 2023 as well.”