"Ajintai" throws a big event "Ajintai Thailand Met Gala" Red carpet on the Chao Phraya River Ready to open the most magnificent Grand Opening “Ajintai Wellness Clinic & Spa” and “Ajintai Entertainment”

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"Ajintai" throws a big event "Ajintai Thailand Met Gala"  Red carpet on the Chao Phraya River Ready to open the most magnificent Grand Opening  “Ajintai Wellness Clinic & Spa” and “Ajintai Entertainment”

Launched in a grandiose style that called for a buzz around the industry for Ajintai Thailand, a new but big-hearted company in 2022, invested more than 100 million baht, flagging up a full-fledged business, both entertainment business "Ajintai Entertainment" and health and beauty centers. A full range of "Ajintai Wellness Clinic & Spa" that is confident to stand up at the forefront of the industry with talent and quality. Ready to spend a large budget of about 8 digits to organize a grand event for the end of the year "Ajintai Thailand Met Gala", magnificently along the Chao Phraya River at the Royal Thai Navy Auditorium by opening a grand opening business under the umbrella of Official "Aintai" on October 29, 2022, with honors from Mr. Sumani Kunakasem, a billionaire of 10 billion, Mr. Shigeki Kobayashi, Advisor to the Japanese Ambassador to Thailand and Mr. Ueda Chuei, representative from Kitakyushu City. with celebrities in various circles including celebrities, entertainers and influencers such as Anna Sua Ngam-iam, Miss Universe Thailand 2022,

In the event, Madame Lisa or Ms. Pinyapat Teerapiriyakorn has opened an empire under the umbrella of indigenous peoples in 2 main business groups 1. Entertainment business and 2. A comprehensive health and beauty center, whether Ajintai Entertainment He is a newcomer in our entertainment industry. under the management of who saw business growth Ready to aim to penetrate both drama series and produce artists Boyband, Girlgroup to the market that the determination is not only to stand one in Thailand but want to go Inter to go abroad In hopes that the name of "Ajintai Thailand" will be famous in Asia and the world.

by launching the series "Surprisingly, secretly love you" produced by Ajintai Entertainment. which is a joint venture with Japan, mainly filmed in Kitakyushu, starring Ployphat-Phatthon Thanawat,Most-Visarut Himrat, Phai-Pathit Pisitkul, as well as the debut of a new generation of idol artists in Project True love the reality and boy band artist Z22, which is an artist under Ajintai Entertainment. that has the potential to care for and incite artists Currently there are celebrities More than 20 actors in the agency. The goal of the instincts. Want to open a space for more talented Thai youths who want to be artists to join the family of Ajintai

And for Ajintai Wellness Clinic & Spa, the goal is to expand both beauty clinics. , Plastic surgery, Anti-aging science and spa for health and beauty. It will invade and expand branches both in Thailand and abroad. Aim to pin at least 5 branches nationwide a year and within 5 years, there will be more than 25 branches. In foreign countries, open the first branch in Laos PDR, then open branches in countries such as China, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia. India, Dubai and the United States, etc., in the hopes of creating a Thai brand of Wellness Clinic and Spa to be more widely known. Including in the world market as well and in the next year (2020) aims to expand the business of nursing homes and beauty hospitals in major cities across the country. and has plans to expand house brand products in the health and beauty group in the form of various products

The Ajintai Thailand Met Gala event, in addition to opening 2 main businesses under the umbrella of Ajintai Thailand, has also created a big phenomenon that gathers people in all circles, including entertainment people, celebrities and influencers. that is full of tight costumes, clothes, faces, and hair that are perfect in one event To join the red carpet to shine with the Met Gala theme, as well as presenting the pride award "AJT Reward" to the most outstanding entertainers and social stars of the year. with award recipients such as

- Award for Miss Fighting Life: Anna Sua-ngam-iam, Miss Universe Thailand 2022

- Youtuber award for the hottest mother, namely Mickey - Praya Anantarasub

- The lucky hero of the year award, won the lottery, the 1st prize is Big M - Krittarit Butprom

- Award for DJ, speaker, eloquence, including DJ Matum - Techin Ploypetch

- Award for eloquent presenter The legendary bouncing face, including Koh - Dr. Teerasak Pantucharia

- Artist Award: Nafo, Jai Lukthung: Jesse Ward

- Award for Rising Japanese Boxer, including Mr.Kota Miura

- Award for Best Clothing Designer of Thailand, including Khun Pla Finale, etc.

In the official launch What surprises thousands of attendees is the recognition that Ajintai Thailand has always given importance to social responsibility activities (CSR). from autistic children from the Five For All Foundation and from Miss & Mr. Universum 2022, who are hearing impaired. Ready to wow with the big events that are coming up that Ajintai has hosted the world-class contest for the deaf Miss & Mr. Universum 2022 between November 27 - December 3, 2022, with contestants. Hearing impaired attending more than 20 countries, this is a large event that provides opportunities for hearing impaired people from all over the world. Show potential, be assertive, and get good social opportunities.

Madame Lisa concluded that “Opening this kingdom The goal is to create a name. "AJINTAI" (Instinct) to stand in the forefront of Thailand within 3 years, especially in 2 main business groups 1. Entertainment business and 2. A comprehensive health and beauty center Aim to expand the "Instinctive" kingdom to grow stronger More important than doing business, we also adhere to social activities as well, because Ajintai Thailand is ready to be a giver and receiver and ready to go all out with full strength. to stand first in every business.”