The fans screamed loudly at the movie theaters! "Love each other on the day of the end of the world" (Till The World Ends) too cute to resist!

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The fans screamed loudly at the movie theaters! "Love each other on the day of the end of the world" (Till The World Ends) too cute to resist!

Make the fans scream in the cinema every minute for the series. "Love Love One World Ends" (Till The World Ends) of the organizers Kiratikon Ratakuthorn and Pongpakorn Anothai Sinthawee, who organized a cute moment to please fans to watch the first episode first. who With the lead actors such as Art - Pakpoom Juanchainat, Best - Anavil Chatthong, Michael - Kiattisak Wattanawitsakul, Songklod - Kulachat Choeythong, Ice - Phawinee Pongnophakun, Phi Phi - Pornwarin Thongtae and Krukong Asst. Prof. Dr. Kusuma Theparak, with director Am Anusorn Soi Song of the movie Esplanade Ratchadapisek, creating fun and impressive.

By the atmosphere in the event throughout the screening of the series, the fans who have been watching the stories are screaming with a large set of cute moments in different scenes. which the actors convey through their own characters deeply to every emotion Especially the chapter of Golf (Best), a 4th year medical student, and Art (Pak Phum), a young student from the Faculty of Management. That just met the first scene and called the movie a loud scream. Which scene will be and why must be followed in the series After the series ended, the actors and directors shared fun stories of working behind the scenes. Including the most touching story about this series for the fans to be close and friendly. before ending with a birthday surprise for the best boy At this event, it made him even smile in disbelief.

In addition, the event also has a series of shirts for sale or can be pre-ordered on the website. 

Some of the proceeds go to the Foundation for the Visually Impaired. Thammik Witthaya School, Phetchaburi Province, I can say that it is another good activity. that can be both fun and full of merit

For the series "Love One Another World Ends" (Till The World Ends) is a story about… Amid rumors that the world is about to fall apart, "Art" (Art Pakpoom Juanchainat), a young student from the Faculty of Management. He is a favorite of many people, but some accidents. causing Art to lose his memory for a moment. He has to live with "Golf" (Best Anavil Chatthong), a 4th-year medical student who has a lot of trouble. especially the subject of love Golf is a (very) jealous man. Deep down he is looking for someone who truly loves him…Golf is close with his eldest brother, Gus (Michael Kiattisak). Watanawitsakul) His family lives in Germany. But Gus was arrested for claiming rights. As a result, he was sentenced to three years in prison… at the moment Art had an accident. The government immediately announced the evacuation of people to the bunker because the world was broken. Golf is in the right place with the blood of a fervent medical student like Golf. He couldn't leave Art alone. Golf had to sacrifice himself not to hide in a bunker to help Art. Among the people who ran away to survive… The remaining lives of the two youngsters outside were filled with chaos. There are prison breakouts and a gang of thugs led by "Long" (Knight Phichayut Rachitjamikon) and "Joke" (Songklod Kulachat Cheythong), both aiming to take their lives. Combined with Art's distrust of golf and unexpected events that both of them had to face. Plus the art is still amnesia...

when the end of the world draws near Art's last mission is to go home to his family in Phetchabun according to his ID card. Golf wants to have some love before he dies. may seem hopeless But their relationship improved. Even if only 13 days left, they will have to end their lives… Follow the fun story of the series. “Love each other on the day the world is broken” or “Till The World Ends” directed by

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