Week 3 “JATUJAK STREET CONCERT” is not bustling!! "KOBFLATBOY - CD GUNTEE" brings the team of artists to have more than a hundred fun!!

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Week 3 “JATUJAK STREET CONCERT” is not bustling!! "KOBFLATBOY - CD GUNTEE" brings the team of artists to have more than a hundred fun!!

Moving forward to organizing a charity concert until the 3rd week for the "JATUJAK STREET CONCERT" activity, I can tell you that the fun is doubly increased, as seen from the line up of artists from various camps who came on the stage to join the concert today. There are many fans waiting to cheer each other on. 

Overwhelmed at the entrance of Gate 1, Chatuchak Weekend Market On the side of the artist, there is a full show of great songs to show off to the fans like no one else as well. The first stage opened the stage to create a lively atmosphere with a young artist JARITZ as a warm-up from the evening. And then it's the turn of REDSPIN & YAMAJIN PROJECT. It can be counted as creating colors for this event very well, to the queue of RUBYTAN with a clear voice, Acoustic style, to the rock band WEEDBOMB, which can be called making the fans rock. follow each other non-stop Carrying out hit songs to listen to a large set of flashing lights. Late at night, the fans became more and more cheering. And it's the fun queue of KOBFLATBOY that this event doesn't come alone, it also brings young artists in the camp like EARTHREAXE and GRADUM to join the show this time. Let's just say that each artist releases their stuff to bring their best songs to show without a vest. Before ending the sound of screaming for the show of CD GUNTEE, SIR POPPA and DAWUT for fans to sing and rock together in a fun way to forget about tiredness... 

At this event, the young artist KOBFLATBOY, a representative from B Entertainment Beat, told me that.. “The atmosphere at the event was very fun, with a lot of fans coming to see us since the opening day of the event. Until this week, which is the 3rd time, thank you very much to everyone who came to cheer and support such a good event with us. Many people who came to see our concerts donated a lot. which every baht, every satang 

Everyone donates, the organizers will give them to Thammasat Chaloem Phrakiat Hospital. To support medical equipment and tools called to enjoy the concert from the artists who came in This activity already We also have merit together. For those who haven't had a chance to visit, there is still 1 week left on this Sunday 6th November. There are many artists waiting to meet you all. I don't want to miss it. Absolutely full of fuss.”   

Fans can follow the fun atmosphere in the activity "JATUJAK STREET CONCERT" via Facebook: B Entertainment BEAT.