"Apartment Khunpa" sends a new song, "Common", intense! Unusual rock and roll soundtrack in both content and music.

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"Apartment Khunpa" sends a new song, "Common", intense! Unusual rock and roll soundtrack in both content and music.

"Apartment Khunpa"" from SanamLuang Music, a group of GMM Grammy, would like to end the year 2022 with "Common", a new song that is still in the signature of a unique rock and roll. It combines with interesting new auras and stories hidden in the lyrics that invite listeners to ponder and analyze. It became a new ingredient that they wanted everyone to hear. After leaving a blank space from the single "Rokapiwat" for about a year, full 5 members from "Apartment Khunpa"" such as Tul-Tul Waitunkiat (lead vocals), Ball-Kunt Rujinrong (guitar), Pump- Piyanat Chotikasathien (guitar). , Ja- Tasreek Limsila (drums) and Mai- Phukan Sansuriya (bass) are also back with a sensational new song, "Common", written during the lockdown from the COVID-19 situation. 19 is coming back to spread heavily With the beginning and the first lyrics of the song, it's not a bit puzzling, with "Tul-Singer" telling us the origin of the song interestingly that...

We don't compose songs as often as we used to. I rarely write songs. In fact, there is probably no way to write as many songs as before. There is not a song that pops into my head as often as when I was a teenager. So I started the song with the phrase, “Today, I will write the last song.” As soon as I opened this sentence, The rest just flowed. I want to know as well If we had actually written a song for the last day, what would it be? Continuing on to the story of an era where humans are one with technology. A composer has to compete with artificial intelligence for language excellence. And the real goal of artificial intelligence is to reach the common sense of human beings in the face of birth, aging, sickness, and death. Artificial intelligence itself is not just about studying and learning human perfection. Imperfections and mistakes are also something that artificial intelligence must learn: love, greed, anger, delusion, and life wounds. various brutalities Humans are trying to make artificial intelligence learn these things. But one more question is… or we are artificial intelligence In addition to the story of the next world (futurist) and the technology that is the core of the song also hide the story of the system, society, or even the politics that they see Although some people may see it as a distant thing But in fact, it's part of everyone's life. also included in this song As for the music part, besides being intense with rock and roll sound, there is also an addition of a wind instrument that adds dimension and charm to this song. In addition, a veteran sound engineer "Michael Ross" took care of the entire recording process. The soundtrack in the song has very little manipulation, and the 5 of us also recorded the whole band at the same time! It's mellowness. Maybe music doesn't have to be flashy. It can only tell a story. It's mellowness. Maybe music doesn't have to be flashy. It can only tell a story.

at the end of us "Apartment Khunpa"" also wants people who listen to "common" music to interpret and imagine as they like. When music is meant to be heard to open up your imagination. Each person has their own algorithm. have different life experiences So they can't limit the audience to a few minutes of the song. We still believe in the freedom of thought of everyone who listens to our music as always and forever. The 5 of us are still happy to play music together. Just practicing is fun. Life is hard these days Meeting each other was not easy. Today we are still playing music. and Apartment Khunpa It's not the most famous band. But this is one band that hasn't changed members for a long time. And we still love to play music.

Watch the music video “Common” at : https://youtu.be/YwKMM_aKif8  

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