"Sign​ Out" lurking for 3 years today, ready to splash rock 3 songs in a row, full of carabels!! Let's go

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"Sign​ Out" lurking for 3 years today, ready to splash rock 3 songs in a row, full of carabels!! Let's go

 When two rock bands come together The fun was born Combining “Signature” and “Out,” the legendary rock band of the 2000s merged into the (not) new rock band “Sign Out.” After all 8 members cultivating Ambush practicing for 3 full years, today they are ready to explode the fun. With the release of 3 singles in a row, full of carabel rock people, from 3 years to 3 singles from 3 lead singers, opening

The song “No Mandatory” is sung by Jub-Rachot Musikun (https://youtu.be/fvTrq-SK8ts), a solid rock song, rocking along, with a quirky content and a singing style in Jub's style. that many people said Even with my eyes closed, I know that this is the song of the group Kiss Out. 



Continuing with the song "From That Day (Then)" sung by Kong-Yutthaphol Donnawakul (https://youtu.be/EvYoM-8qJ44), a meaningful song for couples who are coming to a dead end. Reminds me to go back and think about the beginning again. Echo's profound cry and the elaborate arrangement of the band's music resulting in a song that has dimensions in a way that is not often heard


Ending the rock carabel with the song “Capitalism” sung by Lek-Prawit Netsopha (https://youtu.be/Ilfcvpy0vEo) with a husky and powerful voice of Lek, combined with a fun Riff Guitar from Design. Khun's music was born into a fiery Heavy Metal song, believing that everyone must sing in the same voice that “It's time.. you have to ask yourself!!!”



All 3 songs are songs that the band “Sign Out” intends to create songs for smooth. and fit the era Both in terms of lyrics, melody and arrangement of the music. plus the power of the voices of the three that are different and unique Rock people like us shouldn't miss it.    

You can watch and listen to all 3 songs from the band “Sign Out” on the YouTube channel “Sign Out Rockband” (https://youtube.com/c/SignOutRockband). Be the rock in you And you will definitely love them!!! 

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