'' T-POP CONCERT FEST '' The most popular music festival. In the atmosphere of the Y2K festival

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'' T-POP CONCERT FEST '' The most popular music festival. In the atmosphere of the Y2K festival

Fireworks for success T-POP CONCERT FESTIVAL, the first great music festival with historical moments in the festival atmosphere that brings together the best of T-POP artists in one event Under the theme of the Y2K style event, which received an overwhelming response from T-POP people who came to have fun and enjoy it. closely with the artists There are also special surprises from many artists. full of fun both laughter and a warm smile The event was held on October 29-30 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.

This T-POP CONCERT FESTIVAL, organized by TPOP Incorporation, aims to drive the T-POP group's power to grow even more. The organizer has gathered more than 100 T-POP artists to create this event. The atmosphere in the event was filled with the warmth and energy of T-POP people who came together to cheer and support the artists with great enthusiasm. It is also packed with 3 concert stages that call for screams from the fans as no other stage agrees. At the event, there was also an artist booth that received a lot of attention from fans. And there are also many activity booths to join in the fun, such as the Zone Game Center, a beautiful photo spot. There is also a photo booth for stickers. Free photography for those who attend the event as well.

Finally, T-POP CONCERT FESTIVAL would like to thank the power of all T-POP people who came together to create a new phenomenon together! Make it for the Thai T-pop industry has come back to be bustling and colorful again See you again next year with the pop music festival, guaranteed more fun than ever!

Thank You Picture : T-POP STAGE