Pin it down and point out the most exciting locations with 6 reasons why this Songkran must be fun at the FLOW DAY PATTAYA WATER FESTIVAL 2024.

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Pin it down and point out the most exciting locations with 6 reasons why this Songkran must be fun at the FLOW DAY PATTAYA WATER FESTIVAL 2024.

It is another great event. Receive the end of Songkran national flow day For the Lottery Plus presents FLOW DAY PATTAYA WATER FESTIVAL 2024 by RS. MultiX under RS Multimedia and Entertainment Company. Co., Ltd. under RS Group Group The wettest music festival in Pattaya. That will take place on 19-20 April 2024 at Legend Siam Pattaya (Legend Siam Pattaya), where many people are looking forward to joining in on the fun. But for those who haven't pressed their tickets yet, listen here. and get ready Because today we are going to present 6 awesome reasons. That will make you rush to press your ticket to reserve a space so you don't miss out on the fun. Let's see what the reason is!

1. The first big concert festival. Ready to pack in fun FLOW DAY PATTAYA WATER FESTIVAL 2024

The Wettest Pattaya Music Festival Ready to guarantee the most fun in every moment that you can't find anywhere else. Plus who is a real concert lover? The more you have to hurry and reserve your tickets to experience a new world of music together with playing in the water at Wan Lai according to the concept of Lai combining all the fun. come together Ready for a full show Let it be the Songkran Festival, a flowing day that continues for 2 days and 2 nights, leaving behind the Songkran Festival to the point of calling for it to be held next year for sure.

2. Experience the production of light, color, and sound to awaken the energy of the party.

In addition to going hard, going all out by creating a slide into a moving water park higher than a 4-story building. It stands behind a large stage, more than 60 meters wide. Light and sound from Special Effect from Fire Effect  of fireworks and pyro fire (PYRO) plus the juicy power of water pressure Water Gun, Water Bomb and Laser & Water Effect that can spread in 360 degrees. Splashes out to the rhythm of the music throughout the event. Enhance the fun even more with Splash. Car Mobile stage vehicle Comes with a loud sound generator. Laser all around the car It will be a highlight that will add unlimited fun to this experience. Awaken your life energy to come alive again before Songkran ends.

3. Gathering more than 20 top artists and DJs from Thailand, prepared to be full of music. and the rhythm of fun

It is considered extraordinary because throughout the 2 full days of the event, the line-up of an army of artists came to perform and create a great Songkran Wan Lai experience, including pop, R&B, hip-hop, etc., along with entertainment trends. Whether it be LIPTA(Lipta), SINGTO NUMCHOK(Singto Numchok), LOMOSONIC(Lomosonic), SILLY FOOLS(Silly Fools), JOEY PHUWASIT(Joey Phuwasit), MAIYARAP(Maiyarap), F.HERO, THAITANIUM(Thaitanium), URBOYTJ and PALMY(Palmy), CHILEE DJ LEO & CHIN CHINAWUT, DJ TEEN from REDBEAT MUSIC, DJ JOELONG & H3NRI, DJ TAQQ from REDBEAT MUSIC and THE TOILET PARTY that will come to those who travel to hunt for fun. Have a love for dance rhythms Get close to your favorite artist on the edge of the stage.

4. Great ticket prices. Packed with every flavor

Anyone who thinks it's expensive, please think again. Because apart from the fun packed with exciting music, Splash Car The ultimate moving stage vehicle. There is also a Slider with foam party & Pool Party with delicious food and drinks from all over Pattaya and around Pattaya, waiting for you to take pictures and check in. Make content to show to your friends and you will definitely be jealous. All of this fun can be enjoyed together. and buy an Early card bird With promotions running until the event day. Best value with a 1 day event ticket priced at 888 baht (from the normal price of 1,400 baht) / 2 day event ticket priced at 1,399 baht. (from normal price 2,500 baht) or anyone who wants to experience the special FLOW DAY PATTAYA WATER FESTIVAL 2024 There is also a VIP Flow Set ticket for sale, priced at 10,000 baht. Superior comfort Limited to only 300 set only! (4 tickets for 2 days, which come with a private entrance to the event, VIP STANDING ZONE / VIP PARKING 1 place per set / VIP TOILET ZONE /VIP ENTRANCE) Tickets can be purchased on the website. ( or counter service in every 7-Eleven store, so invite your friends to come. It's not expensive and it's really worth it.

5. Moments when meeting new friends Fun relationships

If anyone doesn't like traveling alone Or just stay with two people because you're afraid of being lonely. and want to have friends in the band to share joy and create fun Both jumping and dancing Standing with arms around the neck singing in harmony with fun songs. We guarantee that you will definitely find it. New friends are waiting for you. Just reserve your tickets and press your card. Pin to reserve space and warm up the voice and prepare to say hello You will have an exciting experience. and not lonely on the day of Songkran Festival Definitely Wan Lai Pattaya

6. Collection of great restaurants with delicious food

Another thing that cannot be missed is delicious food, both tempting and spicy, that will make your visit full of enjoyment for all senses at the event, with street food menus from famous shops and delicious food all over Pattaya being created at the event. More than 60 restaurants, including menus of main dishes, snacks, and snacks. Come to choose from, taste, shop to your heart's content, such as barbecue, fried pork, steak, grilled meatballs, omelet, chicken kabab (chicken kebab), fried squid eggs, grilled pork ribs, fried pork larb, spicy chicken salad with rice, etc. Let's serve deliciousness with a variety of menus. From noon to midnight It's a summer music and food festival. It brings together many artists and delicious restaurants in one place.

And here are 6 reasons why you must go to the Lottery Plus event this Songkran presents FLOW DAY PATTAYA WATER FESTIVAL 2024.  Don't forget to hurry up and get your ticket. Come join in spreading happiness Complete your Songkran Wan Lai experience with more fun than ever before. You can ask for more details via FACEBOOK / X / Instagram: FLOWDAYWATERFEST and TikTok : RSMultiX.