I'm not cursing, but believe me..."We'll break up soon", a naughty song about a secret crush from I HATE MONDAY.

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I'm not cursing, but believe me..."We'll break up soon", a naughty song about a secret crush from I HATE MONDAY.

As for the song “We'll break up soon”, it's an upbeat song, one of the few songs by the artists of the band "I HATE MONDAY", led by "Yayee-Pattamon Promopkarn (lead vocals), Nino-Nattanai. Khamcharoen (guitar), Mick-Petchpoom Phetkaew (guitar, solo), Ford-Tharanin Vilailak (bass) and Ping-Phattharakon Thanapaksiwakarn (drums)” from the label White Music that takes the content of having a secret crush and tells it in a poignant way. There are cute and fun corners. Impossible love...he has a girlfriend and can only console himself that..."We'll break up soon" but I'm not cursing! By this song “Mick The band's "guitarist" is the producer himself. And there is “Tik-Kritikorn. Phon Sathit” from the band Playground came to compose the song. along with the lead singer from the band Mirrr To-Lethat. Ketsuk” came to feature and wrote the rap part in this song as well.

As for the music video "We'll break up soon", this song has "Ninew" Phet Dan Kaew” (Ninew-Fon) plays the role of the girl who has a secret crush. In the style of the movie High School Romance-Comedy By this song “Yayee” the lead singer. He said about the song that...

“For the song, 'We'll break up soon', this song will be fun and heart-pounding, but not fulfilled in love. It's a secret crush. It's an impossible love. So this is the origin of the song...we'll break up soon. It's content for people who secretly like people who already have a girlfriend. The only thing we can do is Waiting for the time for them to break up. Stay beside the person we like, support and encourage them when they have problems with their loved ones. We are here just in case. If you break up will be the first to turn and see us As for the story of the MV It is very special to have Mr. Ninew help play. He is a very popular person. Everyone is her fan. Playing the role of a girl who secretly likes a guy. In the MV, we keep waiting. But I want you to go watch the MV... When will we wait? And will it be fulfilled? Yee would like to share a song. We'll break up soon. with everyone as well.”

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Symptoms like this shouldn't last long. Just wait. #We'll break up soon.

We'll break up soon - I Hate Monday Feat.To Mirrr
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